You’re Ruining Your Site on Mobile

I’ve written previously about my love of reading my RSS feed on my phone before I go to sleep every night. It’s the perfect way for me to end my day. However, there is one bad trend I notice on mobile sites and it really interferes with what I want...
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Don’t Be Foolish With Your Domain Name

Over my 5 years at LyntonWeb I’ve helped launch hundreds of new website, and that’s not an exaggeration. When launching a new site, you need to update the DNS to point the domain name to the new server (if there is one; there usually is for us)....
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How to Maintain Your New Inbound Website [Maintenance Checklist]

Look at you with that fancy new website! Now you can sit back and relax until it’s time to redo your website in a few years, right? Wrong. So wrong. Websites are like cars, they need regular maintenance. Like, what would you do if your website kept...
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5 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

You may have heard that it’s been a busy week for WordPress hackers this past week. If you haven’t heard, it’s been a busy week for WordPress hackers this past week. ArsTechnica has reported that over 100,000 sites have been infected by these attacks....
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4 Website Lies You Should Stop Believing

When you’ve been building websites for as long as we have you hear a lot of lies, falsehoods, misconceptions, and other stuff that makes you do that confused dog look. Don’t fear, though. We’re here to clear some of these things up for you. Here...
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How to Connect With Your Audience

We’re long past the days where you could run a business without a website. You need one. That’s not even debated any more. But now that you do have a website (if not, call us) are you talking to your audience? Like, are you truly speaking to them?...
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You’ve Launched A New Website! Now What?

Congratulations. Launching a website is a big deal. We should know, we launch a lot of websites. But now that design, development, and quality assurance testing are done and you’ve launched your site, that doesn’t mean that you can kick up your feet...
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What is Quality Assurance? [Why It’s Important To Your New Website]

QA. Quality Assurance. If you’ve worked on any type of project before you’ve probably heard this term before. If you haven’t, QA is the process during a project where you put the thing you’re working on, in our case, websites, under a series of...
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The Facebookification of Twitter [Whatever you’re doing Twitter, STOP]

I love Twitter. I first signed up in June of 2007 and never looked away. I was instantly hooked, and I’m very vocal about my love for Twitter, as well as helping new users learn how to use the service. Things on Twitter moved a bit slower back then....
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You’re Writing Blogs, But Are You Reading Them? [3 Reasons You Should]

I never was a big reader. My mother fought and fought with me to get me to read as a child. As an adult I try to read, but I get bored with books halfway through and abandon them and never look back. But one thing I do read consistently (besides comic...
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