Mike Rastiello

Strategist | Technologist | Futurist

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from the Internet.

Over my career, I’ve worked as a freelancer, at a small two-man production house, and an agency that prepares you for a lot. When you are one of one or one of a few, you have to wear a lot of hats and pick up a lot of skills and knowledge on the job.

As I moved into a corporate environment six years ago, I was able to take those experiences and translate them into empathetic relationships and partnerships to lift teams up and reach company goals.

What I Bring

Strategic Planning

Ability to turn company goals into action, prioritizing projects and initiatives to align and meet those objectives

Product Management

8+ years experience in software and application development

Process & Operations

Natural ability to uncover inefficiencies and implement processes that reduce risk and increases productivity

Project Management

12+ years experience leading and managing over 500 projects with measurable results