About Me

Who I Am

Originally from New Jersey, I grew up with Yankees baseball, Devils hockey, Bruce Springsteen music, and navigating traffic circles and jug handles.

I went to college at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications with a focus on Interactive Digital Design.

I’m married to a wonderful woman named Ali. We’ve been together since 2005 and have lived in Houston, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and now Austin.

I also love comic books, photography, music (especially my record collection), movies, good whiskey, and soft pretzels.

A Bit About My Background

I was bitten by the technology bug early in my life, but it intensified in the early 90s when my family got our first computer. I can’t remember all of the specs, but it was an IBM compatible machine that we built with parts we purchased at a computer show in a hotel ballroom.

Shortly after, our family got online and there was no turning back for me.

A few years later while in high school some friends and I started building our own website. We hand coded everything, learning how to write code from an HTML for Dummies book and viewing the source code of our favorite sites.

It was the mid-to-late 90s, so there were a lot of fireball gifs. Almost too many, if there was even such a thing.

We unfortunately had our dreams of launching the next big Internet site when we saw that there was no way three broke high school kids could afford a domain name or hosting.

However, the bug stuck with me. Even though I focused on TV and film production and photography and my first jobs after college being at a photography studio and then a full-service video production house the web was still there.

For the last eight years I have been working in the web space again, for almost six years at an online marketing and web design agency, and the last three plus years at Rackspace where I am the Product Manager for Rackspace.com.

I have always enjoyed seeing how things work – taking things apart and putting them back together – like as a kid taking apart things around the house and seeing how they work and putting them back together again (with various levels of success) or viewing the source on web pages in the 90s to learn how to build them.

I love to solve problems and fix things. I love the challenge.