How to Maintain Your New Inbound Website [Maintenance Checklist]

Look at you with that fancy new website!

Now you can sit back and relax until it’s time to redo your website in a few years, right?


So wrong.

Websites are like cars, they need regular maintenance. Like, what would you do if your website kept making a cuuur-CHUNK noise every time you turned left? What would you do?

What WOULD you do?

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Building a Better Blog [Quick Tips]

One of the most important parts of inbound marketing is content creation, and your blog is typically where you are creating the highest volume of that content. Most inbound marketing experts (Hi!) would tell you to blog at least once a week, but generally, more blogs mean more website traffic. Given that you’ll be driving website traffic to your blog – let’s talk a little about the actual look and feel of your blog. Read more