3 Sad Excuses You Don’t Have A Real Website [And Why You Need One]

There are times where I am searching for a business, band, restaurant, whatever, and the top result is a Google+ Place page, or a Yelp page. Or worse, a Facebook page. No real website. This usually happens with smaller or new businesses.

Don’t get us wrong. Having a Facebook, Google+ Page, and Yelp pages are great, and will definitely help your search engine ranking. But you still need an official home on the web where your content lives.

What happens if Facebook shuts down tomorrow and you rely on them to host your web presence?

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How to Maintain Your New Inbound Website [Maintenance Checklist]

Look at you with that fancy new website!

Now you can sit back and relax until it’s time to redo your website in a few years, right?


So wrong.

Websites are like cars, they need regular maintenance. Like, what would you do if your website kept making a cuuur-CHUNK noise every time you turned left? What would you do?

What WOULD you do?

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How to Connect With Your Audience

We’re long past the days where you could run a business without a website. You need one. That’s not even debated any more. But now that you do have a website (if not, call us) are you talking to your audience? Like, are you truly speaking to them?

First off, are you using language that is way above, or way below your target audience’s understanding? If your target audience is lawyers, you can use very specific language to talk to lawyers. But if you are a lawyer and you’re using your website to attract clients you can’t use the same terminology and methods to attract non-lawyers. People need to understand what you’re saying.

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You’ve Launched A New Website! Now What?

Congratulations. Launching a website is a big deal. We should know, we launch a lot of websites. But now that design, development, and quality assurance testing are done and you’ve launched your site, that doesn’t mean that you can kick up your feet and relax.

No, your work is just beginning.

Your website is a living, breathing part of your sales team. You need to make sure you keep it going. Here are some tips to do that:

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You’re Writing Blogs, But Are You Reading Them? [3 Reasons You Should]

I never was a big reader. My mother fought and fought with me to get me to read as a child. As an adult I try to read, but I get bored with books halfway through and abandon them and never look back.

But one thing I do read consistently (besides comic books that is) is my RSS feed. I love reading blogs.

I end every day by opening my RSS reader on my phone and going through the day’s news. I subscribe to many blogs spanning multiple subjects. From comics, movies and TV, marketing, web trends, general interest blogs (like the great for example), photography, and a ton more.

Why is reading blogs important?

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Marketing Emails For People Who Hate Marketing Emails

Don’t tell my LyntonWeb coworkers in the Marketing Department, but I don’t like marketing emails. They’re fine people (mostly), and create great content for LyntonWeb and our customers. But it’s some of our colleagues in the marketing world that give marketers a bad name.

Do you remember when you first got an email address? For me it was back in 1995, and any new email back then was exciting. New jokes from a comedy newsletter, an African prince who needed help to free his inheritance, a chain letter that I had to forward on to 12 people. Whatever. It was new and exciting.

Now 145 billion emails are sent every day. We have computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech like Google Glass. And soon smart watches that all ding, boop, beep, buzz, and yo at us letting us know we have a new message. Is it from your wife? Your parents? Maybe it’s pictures of your niece and nephews? Nope, it’s an email for 20% off all orders over $50 from that store you bought one thing off of as a gift 5 years ago but they still email you every week.

20 years later email is something we all begrudgingly deal with.

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Friday Fails: Mistakes On Your Inbound Marketing Blog

How’s your blog looking these days? Is your inbound marketing blog set up for success? Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes on your blog so that readers to your blog stay on your website and enter your sales funnel.

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How the HubSpot COS is like The Avengers of Marketing Automation

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big comic book nerd. I love super heroes and I don’t care who knows it. When I have to explain something technical or complex to people, I’ll almost always relate it to super heroes because that’s what is on my mind 86% of the time (when I’m not at work thinking of websites and inbound marketing).

I was recently trying to explain HubSpot’s COS to a not so technical friend who has a tiny bit of experience with WordPress. I kept saying a feature was like so and so, but on steroids. Like this and that, but on crack. More power! More craziness!

That conversation led me to connect the HubSpot COS with none other than –  The Avengers!

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Friday Fails: How to Not Screw Up Your Video Series

Our Friday Fails posts have been a lot of fun for our team to produce, and our readers really love them. We’ve decided to take our experience and turn it into lessons learned for those of you out there who may be planning on launching your own video series.

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Inbound Marketing Lessons from Marvel Superhero Movies

I am a huge comic book geek. Seriously. I have well over 2,400 comics and trades as well as a life size Superman in my office. I’m a huge Superman fan (see: photo), but I love all comic books, and comic book movies. I promise to try and not let my geek flag fly too often in this post.

Comic book movies have been around for a long time. In 1978, Superman: The Movie kicked off the studios attempt at a feature superhero movie directed at an adult audience. In 2000, the modern world of comic book movies launched with X-Men, followed by Spider-Man in 2002.

Those movies have made a ton of money and because of that, the movie studios have been cranking out comic book movie after comic book movie. Most of these movies were self contained, and only existed in their own small universe. Then, in 2008 Marvel did something really gutsy with Iron Man.

Before the movie came out, Iron Man was a second or third level character (at best), so giving him his own movie and Marvel betting their cinematic future on him was a little risky.

That risky bet ended up paying off in the billions ( and billions) of dollars that Marvel has raked in on their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies since 2008.

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