How to Connect With Your Audience

We’re long past the days where you could run a business without a website. You need one. That’s not even debated any more. But now that you do have a website (if not, call us) are you talking to your audience? Like, are you truly speaking to them?

First off, are you using language that is way above, or way below your target audience’s understanding? If your target audience is lawyers, you can use very specific language to talk to lawyers. But if you are a lawyer and you’re using your website to attract clients you can’t use the same terminology and methods to attract non-lawyers. People need to understand what you’re saying.

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Marketing Emails For People Who Hate Marketing Emails

Don’t tell my LyntonWeb coworkers in the Marketing Department, but I don’t like marketing emails. They’re fine people (mostly), and create great content for LyntonWeb and our customers. But it’s some of our colleagues in the marketing world that give marketers a bad name.

Do you remember when you first got an email address? For me it was back in 1995, and any new email back then was exciting. New jokes from a comedy newsletter, an African prince who needed help to free his inheritance, a chain letter that I had to forward on to 12 people. Whatever. It was new and exciting.

Now 145 billion emails are sent every day. We have computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech like Google Glass. And soon smart watches that all ding, boop, beep, buzz, and yo at us letting us know we have a new message. Is it from your wife? Your parents? Maybe it’s pictures of your niece and nephews? Nope, it’s an email for 20% off all orders over $50 from that store you bought one thing off of as a gift 5 years ago but they still email you every week.

20 years later email is something we all begrudgingly deal with.

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How the HubSpot COS is like The Avengers of Marketing Automation

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big comic book nerd. I love super heroes and I don’t care who knows it. When I have to explain something technical or complex to people, I’ll almost always relate it to super heroes because that’s what is on my mind 86% of the time (when I’m not at work thinking of websites and inbound marketing).

I was recently trying to explain HubSpot’s COS to a not so technical friend who has a tiny bit of experience with WordPress. I kept saying a feature was like so and so, but on steroids. Like this and that, but on crack. More power! More craziness!

That conversation led me to connect the HubSpot COS with none other than –  The Avengers!

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What Louis C.K. Can Teach You About Email Marketing

I’m sure everyone has heard the story of how Louis C.K. went against the conventions and decided to sell video of his Live at the Beacon Theater show on his website DRM free for $5.

In the process of setting up his website and distributing the special, C.K. created an email newsletter list. That’s nothing special, right? Well, maybe it is. In his emails, C.K. writes to his fans just as he would as if he was talking to them one on one, or on a stage in a comedy club.

Why is that important? It’s a personal connection. When I received his first email I envisioned him on stage saying it word for word. Read more

Educate Customers through your Email Marketing Campaigns

There are many different types of emails that you can send to your clients; they don’t always have to be sales-related. Why not set up an educational email nurture campaign?

Case in point …

One night last week I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to catch up my my blog reading instead of tossing and turning.

Normally, when I come across an article that I really enjoy or think will be useful to me in the future, I save it to Evernote. However, this time I was using a different application on my iPhone than I normally do to read my blogs, so I had to email the article to Evernote, which I had never done before, instead of enjoy the auto-sync that usually occurs.

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The Art of Email Newsletters

Clients are always asking us for advice on email newsletters:

  • How often should I send out an email newsletter?
  • What the heck should my email newsletter include?
  • How can I improve my open/click-through rate on my email newsletters?

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