New Blogging Ventures

If you’re following my blog here you’ll see previews and links to my blogs over at LyntonWeb.

Up until this week, I traded off posts with my co-worker Roman Kniahynyckyj on the Friday Five posts for the past few months. The Friday Five was five headlines from social media, inbound marketing, SEO, and web design posted each Friday. Roman and I would collaborate on the stories we would include, and then trade off for posting rights every other week.

This week the LyntonWeb blogging team shook some things up, and moved the Friday Five to Sundays, and rebranded it as the Sunday Inbound Marketing Highlights, which is now co-produced by Roman and myself.

The reason we bumped the Friday Five to Sunday was to introduce our new weekly video series, the Friday Fail, which I will be editing. You may have read this already on my primary blog, Mike From the Internet.

As I mentioned in that post, I’m really happy to have a steady editing project again and look forward to building this series out with my team.