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  • Twitter (@MikeRastiello) – This is my primary Twitter account. I talk about politics, movies, TV, music, plus articles and photos of things I find interesting.
  • Flickr – I love looking at the world through my camera. On Flickr you can conveniently look at the world I see through my lens through your computer screen.
  • LinkedIn – Connect with me professionally, if that is your thing.
  • Vimeo – This is my video portfolio. Some things I do for fun, some I do professionally. Most were done for both.
  • @Bronx_Bombers – I’m a huge Yankees fan, so I set up a Twitter account that pulls in feeds from several online news sources dedicated to the Yankees. Currently, it has over 28,000 followers grown organically.
  • @JerseyDevils – I’m also a huge Devils fan, so I set up a similar account for them. Currently, it has over 10,000 followers.

I blog. Sometimes A Lot. Sometimes Not.

  • Mike From the Internet – I call this my grown-up blog. This is where I write about important adult stuff. And comic books. Mostly comic books.
  • – is a newsletter, blog, and monthly playlist that I curate. I think it’s great and that you should subscribe.
  • Articles on LinkedIn – I’ve been trying to write more professionally. Those articles will appear here.

These Are Things That I Did, But Don’t Do Anymore.

  • FUCK YEAH SUPERMAN! – I’m a big Superman fan, and this Tumblr is a tribute to the Man of Tomorrow.
  • LyntonWeb Blog – I was on the blogging team at LyntonWeb, and you will see all the blog posts I wrote between 2010 and 2015.
  • Friday Fails – I was the video editor and co-producer of LyntonWeb’s weekly Friday Fails video series.
  • Sunday Inbound Marketing Highlights – (Formally the Friday Five) Along with my colleague Roman Kniahynyckyj, I curated and edited LyntonWeb’s weekly roundup of inbound marketing, social media, SEO, and web design headlines.
  • Business 2 Community – My LyntonWeb blogs were syndicated on the Business 2 Community site.
  • Mike & Ali – This is the site where Ali and I documented the process of planning our wedding, married life after, and now building our new house in New Braunfels.
  • Mike Likes Root Beer – I enjoy cold, frosty root beers. I rate them here.
  • Papyrus Everywhere – This is my tribute to one of the worst fonts in the world. It’s not really defunct,  I just don’t post there very much anymore.
  • Neighborhoodr: Houston, Texas – I was a contributing editor to the Houston, Texas neighborhood blog on Neighborhoodr. Then I moved out of Houston. It looks like the Neighborhoodr network has been abandoned by the managing editors as well.
  • Houston. Unfiltered. – This blog started as a blog I ran with my wife, Ali, about our adventures in Houston. Then I decided to turn it into a mobile photoblog dedicated to Houston. And then we moved out of Houston, so I shut it down.