Don’t Be Like Burger King, Protect Your Online Identity From Hackers

A few months ago we blogged about passwords and security. It is such an important topic, that we posted a followup post a few days later.

Well, it looks like the folks who run the Burger King Twitter account (caution, this link may contain profane language or images) missed that blog, because they got hacked yesterday at about 11 am.

As of 10pm on Monday night, it looks like they finally got control of their account back.

How did this happen? Details are pretty scarce right now, so it could be a number of things.

It’s possible that Burger King’s password was one of the 250,000 Twitter passwords stolen earlier this month. Maybe they used a bad password like “whopper” that many people joked about. Hopefully it wasn’t the latter.

Passwords are no joke.

Create strong passwords for everything, your email, social networing sites, everywhere! If you must share a password with others, make sure you limit that number. It may even be a good idea to change your password often. You especially want to change a password after an employee leaves your team.

In those blog posts that we mentioned earlier, we suggested using a service like 1Password to create and securely store passwords.

Always on the ball they tweeted this:

Now that is how you market your brand online.


Following yesterday’s hacking of Burger King, it now looks like @Jeep (caution, this link may contain profane language or images) has been hacked at about 12:30 CT today. Engadget is reporting that a hacker by the name of iThug is taking responsibility for the hacked Jeep account.

This article originally appeared on LyntonWeb.