Follow Me On These Social Networks:

  • Twitter (@MikeRastiello) – This is my primary Twitter account. I talk about politics, movies, TV, music, plus articles and photos of things I find interesting.
  • Flickr – I love looking at the world through my camera. On Flickr you can conveniently look at the world I see through my lens through your computer screen.
  • Instagram – After a self-imposed exile after Facebook started doing shady things with Instagram I’m back. I’m not posting as much, but I really miss the pre-Facebook Instagram.
  • LinkedIn – Connect with me professionally, if that is your thing.
  • Tumblr – I don’t post here as often as I used to. Not a lot of thought goes into the things posted here, but I have fun.
  • Google+ – I actually really like Google+, but no one uses it.
  • Vimeo – This is my video portfolio. Some things I do for fun, some I do professionally. Most were done for both.
  • @Bronx_Bombers – I’m a huge Yankees fan, so I set up a Twitter account that pulls in feeds from several online news sources dedicated to the Yankees. Currently it has over 31,000 followers grown organically.
  • @JerseyDevils – I’m a also a huge Devils fan, so I set up a similar account for them. Currently it has over 11,000 followers.


I blog. Sometimes A Lot. Sometimes Not.

  • Mike From the Internet – I call this my grown-up blog. This is where I write about important adult stuff. And comic books. Mostly comic books.
  • Mike & Ali – This is the site where Ali and I documented the process of planning our wedding, married life after, and now building our new house in New Braunfels.
  • Mike Likes Root Beer – I enjoy cold, frosty root beers. I rate them here.
  • FUCK YEAH SUPERMAN! – I’m a big Superman fan, and this Tumblr is a tribute to the Man of Tomorrow.
  • LyntonWeb Blog – I was on the blogging team at LyntonWeb, and you will see all the blog posts I wrote between 2010 and 2015.
  • Friday Fails – I was the video editor and co-producer of LyntonWeb’s weekly Friday Fails video series.
  • Sunday Inbound Marketing Highlights – (Formally the Friday Five) Along with my colleague Roman Kniahynyckyj, I curated and edited LyntonWeb’s weekly roundup of inbound marketing, social media, SEO, and web design headlines.
  • Business 2 Community – My LyntonWeb blogs were syndicated on the Business 2 Community site.
  • Yahoo! Small BusinessI have also had some of my blogs syndicated to the Yahoo! Small Business site (please forgive the formatting, Yahoo! occasionally messes up with images, videos, and other elements that cannot be edited!). It also looks like articles posted to Yahoo! Small Business expire or fall off the site at some point.


These Are Things That I Did, But Don’t Do Anymore.

  • Papyrus Everywhere – This is my tribute to one of the worst fonts in the world. It’s not really defunct,  I just don’t post there very much any more.
  • Neighborhoodr: Houston, Texas – I was a contributing editor to the Houston, Texas neighborhood blog on Neighborhoodr. Then I moved out of Houston. It looks like the Neighborhoodr network has been abandoned by the managing editors as well.
  • Houston. Unfiltered. – This blog started as a blog I ran with my wife, Ali, about our adventures in Houston. Then I decided to turn it into a mobile photo blog dedicated to Houston. And then we moved out of Houston, so I shut it down.
  • YouTube – I used to be really into making silly videos and posting them online. I’m not doing that as much anymore, but every once in a while the bug bites me.