About Me

Who I Am

I’m originally from New Jersey, and I lived in the Garden State for 25 years. Like a good Jersey boy I love the Yankees, Devils, Bruce Springsteen and I have high standards for pizza. Sorry to say your favorite pizza is probably crap.

After a short stint in Connecticut where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Quinnipiac University, I moved to Houston, Texas to live with my then (long-distance) girlfriend, Ali in 2006.

We got married in 2011 before moving to San Antonio.

After three years of living in San Antonio, my wife and I built our dream house in New Braunfels.

I love photography, electronics, my record collection, wood working, good whiskey, and soft pretzels.

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A Bit About My Background

My interest in the Internet started sometime back in 1995 when my family signed up for AOL and from right then I was hooked.

In 1996, while still in high school, some friends and I decided to try and build our own site. Equipped with HTML for Dummies and notepad.exe we started hand-coding our awesome website. We shortly gave up our dream of our own website after we found that it would cost about $100 to register a domain name at the time, and the fact that hosting would have cost much more than two high school kids could dream to afford.

I’ve been glued to the Internet and every new thing that came around, from IRC and chatrooms, to web forums, and now social media. I’m an early adopter and jump on all the new sites and services that I learn about.

How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Trust me on this, I’m an expert.

To make the best grilled cheese sandwich ever, you’ll need:

  • sourdough bread
  • butter
  • sharp cheddar cheese
  • pepperoni

Start by lightly toasting the slices of sourdough bread. While that is toasting, melt some butter in a pan. Be as liberal with the butter as you like.

When the bread is toasted, place both slices in the warm pan once the butter is melted. You’ll want to turn the heat down a bit so the bread doesn’t burn.

Place one slice of cheddar cheese on the bread.

While the bread and cheese are heating up, start laying your pepperoni slices on top of the cheese on one slice.

Finally, when the cheese is good and melted, put the two sides of the bread together and enjoy.

Enjoy with some potato chips or tomato soup.

You got me. This is white bread, not sourdough.